Full Name

Real Name Unknown
MoBrosStudios (YouTube Version)
ClockworkCreeper (creepypasta youtube)
TheMacchinaMustFall (DeviantART Version)


No information


SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Heavy, Scout, Medic, Spy, Soldier, Ed, Edd, Eddy and Fluttershy


No information

MoBrosStudios is a popular YouTube Poop channel that has created and developed such great Original and Flash Poops such as: Candace Opens an Interdimensional Portal, Squidward gets possessed by a Bad Lemon, etc. But his new and Halloweemas special film was the one and only greatest extravaganza in YouTube Poop history. Skellington’s Revenge. He is known as the #1 YouTube Pooper in all the internet, despite this fact, he left youtube poop. However, his creepypasta channel is still up and he is quite active on his Devianart.

Fortunately, the youtuber, Bloodstone Ore, is archiving his videos in case of viacom.


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