Ciardha MBS
Ciardha, original known as “Candace Flynn” is the main antagonist from the MoBrosStudios film: YouTube Poop: Candace Opens an Interdimensional Portal.

She was created when Candace Flynn got possessed by a "The Wizard of Oz" book.

Ciardha is best described as a blue-gray-skinned, red-eyed entity with Giygas-esque hair, a robotic crab claw for a left hand, a power glove for the right, purple clothes, and hover devices instead of legs.

Type: 8999

Weaknesses: Electro-zapper or other high-voltage weapons, Candace's mind

Abilities: Everything. Literally everything. Most notably: Summon Internet memes all over Youtube Poop Land, super speed, eye lasers, teleportation, can use her claw to launch FAL-PUN-34 rockets, can use her power glove to make an energy field, can spit out a troll that can make anyone cry and also use "photo bombs", can use her glove as a fist, can turn her claw into a circular saw, paralyzation, and petrification.